The pointlessness of trying to out-happy everyone else

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I. The seat of consciousness

Medically, a person is presumed dead once it has been established that they are brain-dead. Every other part of the body may fail ,and the individual will still be deemed alive, but once the brain packs up, it is game-over.

Our body serves us, but we are not our body; we are our consciousness. When we lose our consciousness, we no longer exist until we regain it.

We change as individuals only when our consciousness shifts. …

A simple switch that can change your life forever

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Why did my parents get divorced?
Why did God let this happen?
Why does misfortune follow me?
Why is life so unfair?

I know that common knowledge suggests that to solve a problem, we need to get to the bottom of it and find out the ‘Why’. We believe that getting to ‘Why’ would help us solve problems and move forward.
But what if I told you that ‘Why’ isn’t always the way forward? What if I told you that ‘Why’ often than not does not proffer solutions, but keeps us stuck on a problem?

You must consider replacing the…

Your permission to be a weirdo

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There are lots of valid reasons to write or to want to be a writer. It is okay to want to do it for money, fame, fun, or personal therapy.

I don’t mind any of the above. I’ll gladly grab whatever incentive writing can offer me.

But I’ve only recently resumed the publishing side of the writing business and the reason for this is simple — to permit myself to live true to my definition of success.

Writing serves as a cover to shamelessly embrace my inner weirdo. …

You must learn to love them

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They are extravagant. They spend money on high-end products and premium services. It is on Social Media — pictures of them in First-class coaches, private jets, yachts, fast cars, or in some fancy vacation resort.

We admire their good fortune, we envy their good fortune. We find their ostentatious lifestyle provoking and insensitive. How can they live that way when billions of people struggle to put food on their table or a roof over their heads.

We are triggered. And somehow, it is in our place to dictate to people how to spend their money.

Big Spenders are a blessing to society

Every economy in the world…

It leads to a sense of entitlement

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Life does not have to be poetic for it to be a sublime experience

My aunt was an amazing athlete many years before I was born. She was perhaps one of the very best in our local district, but she had no idea that she could be anything more than a local champ. So, straight out of High school, she did what most other girls appeared to be doing — she found herself a dashing young man and got pregnant for him. And that became the end of athletics for her.

These days, the whole family wonders what could have…

The little narratives behind money-making

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Wherever you are, however you are, and whatever your story is, know that there are simple everyday words that can change your life.

This thing we call life is just a bunch of narratives replaying in our heads. Narratives are made up of nothing but mere words. And our minds and consciousness are run by these strings of words.

Some narratives can make you rich; some can make you happy, joyful, motivated, and so on.

If there is anything that we can and should leverage on, it is the power of words. Be it in spoken, written, or internalized form…

Money has no favorites

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Growing up, we were groomed with different narratives about money and what it takes to make it.
No matter how subtle, these narratives can influence how an individual perceives and approach the concept of money and money-making.

If your parents struggled with money, and you are struggling with money, you should seriously reconsider your money beliefs.
Money may not be what you’ve always thought it to be.
The concept of money and how it can be made is constantly evolving, and as such, your mental framework might be running on ‘money’ software that requires an update.

Very often than not…


Find time. Ponder.

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‘Who are we really?’, If God did not want us to ask that question, we would have been unable to conceive it.

Who are we really and what is the essence of all this?

We are the World, abundant, and sufficient.

We lack nothing. We have in us all the emotions we will ever need, and all the emotions we would ever want to feel. We can be happy with little and we can as well be miserable in plenty. It is all in our power.

Who are we?

We are the world, not a part of it, but the…

A lesson from writing a book.

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When a person sets out to write a book, he usually has an idea of what he wants the book to be and read like.

However, he can never say how the sentences will connect or the exact words he will be using.

Some writers may even design and print out a book cover for the yet-to-be-written to motivate them through the writing process.

At the start of the writing process, a writer can never predict the twists and turns that will emerge as the story develops.

He may start out wanting to write a story about a young, sickly…

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